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Ensuring your little one has healthy teeth starts early in life. Healthy teeth begin with children learning proper dental hygiene habits, how to take care of their teeth, and parents encouraging these habits. When kids can do this, it helps build a foundation for healthy teeth that will last a lifetime.

1. See a Dentist by Age Four

Taking children to a dentist when they are in preschool age helps children get used to seeing a dentist. Children will learn how to care for their teeth, and parents will also learn how to help their children. A kids dentist can help parents learn about healthy habits to encourage their children.

2. Discourage Pacifiers and Thumb Sucking

According to, children should stop using pacifiers and sucking their thumbs between ages three and four. Prolonged thumb sucking or using pacifiers can impact how teeth are shaped, delay speech development, and more. A kids dentist can give tips to help your little one break these habits.

3. Encourage Healthy Eating

Most children will enjoy healthy food if that's what they are fed from an early age. Encourage children to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Make sure they enjoy a diverse diet to get plenty of necessary vitamins and nutrients.

4. Regular Checkups

Taking your child to a kids dentist regularly is a must. A kids dentist will tell you if you are missing spots when brushing. They can also put a special varnish on your child's teeth to coat them. This varnish provides additional protection against cavities.

5. Flossing Regularly

Most people brush their teeth daily but forego flossing. It's critical, however, to ensure that bacteria doesn't build up in your child's mouth. Taking the time to floss your child's teeth and teaching them how to floss will encourage flossing when children are older.

6. Limit Juice Intake

Juice is packed with plenty of sugar. The fruit has natural sugars, meaning that 100% juice also has a lot of sugar. Over time, sugar can cause cavities and decay. Although fruit juice can be healthy, ensure that children only drink eight ounces daily.

7. Let Children Fall Asleep Without A Bottle or Cup

Baby bottle tooth decay is a common condition that results from children falling asleep while sucking on a bottle or sippy cup. Letting children fall asleep on their own can prevent this from happening.

Healthy oral hygiene habits start early in life, often when children are toddlers or preschool age. Encouraging healthy habits and scheduling regular dentist appointments are essential to developing healthy habits. Contact Martin Kids Dental to schedule your child's first appointment today!

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